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  • What makes Nirvana different from other bottled water?

    Nirvana is fresh Adirondack spring water sourced directly on-site at our springs. It's pure, not purified. It's bottled immediately, not tankered. It flows underground through our unique Ice Aged Aquifers 500 million and 1 billion years young that are found nowhere else in the world.

  • How does Nirvana flow freely from its springs?

    Through our magnificent Ice Aged Aquifers, our water stays cool as it tries to get to the north-flowing Black River. Where it cannot get to the river, it hits limestone bedrock and naturally comes to the surface, forming springs. We only tap a small amount of our spring water. Our springs fill to a natural level and if we don’t bottle the water, it continues to flow into the Black River. Nature performs undisturbed.

  • What if my store doesn't carry Nirvana?

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