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Natural Springs


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Our Natural Springs

We bottle Nirvana exclusively from five of our natural springs. As they gush pure spring water, there are more than twenty other springs on our land that we have yet to tap.

Not a single drop of Nirvana comes from an outside source and not a single drop is bottled outside of our facilities. We wouldn’t dare disrespect the awesome natural resource that flows freely up to us.

It’s rare to have an American water company with a single source production like ours. Within an hour, our pure spring water can be sourced, bottled, and shipped from our on-site facilities so you can enjoy Nirvana as if you were sipping straight from the spring.

Often, when other bottled water brands deplete their original springs, they head elsewhere, sign land leases, drill deeper, and pull harder in search of more water. The farther they go to find water, the more likely it is that they will need to truck it elsewhere to be bottled. Or, as a last resort, they may take the easiest water source they can find and put it through additional purification processes to ensure it’s drinkable.

To us, that kind of still water doesn’t run deep. We are the refreshing exception. Every day we can tap our springs to produce an eco-friendly 605,000 gallons of the highest quality water.

We keep the flow going with Nirvana Spring Water, wholly and quickly delivering it to you all from a single source so you can taste its replenishing and enlivening qualities in every healthy sip.