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How water should taste.SM

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Just a note to simply say hands down the best spring water around!

Richard K.

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Best water on the planet earth!

Spencer C.

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Your water is sooooooooo good. When I was a young girl, there was a spring nearby. Nirvana’s taste reminds me of that spring so long ago. Excellent water.

Linda F.

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All water is not created equally and if you ask anyone in my family, they will tell you how much I rave about Nirvana water being the BEST bottled water I have ever tasted.

Audie M.

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Honestly I have to say Nirvana water is definitely 100% excellent, clean-tasting quality water! I actually even feel safe to to give some to my 8-month-old baby & she loves it!

Lissa C.

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This water is so good and it has a very soft and light taste!

Jerry W.

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This water tastes clean and fresh. Best bottled water ever.

Meri V.

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Thank you for the best water available. I have close to 12 cases on hand all the time.

Joe T.

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Nirvana water is so delicious!

Connie C.


At the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, within 1,700 acres of untouched wilderness, flows the Earth’s purest natural spring water.

We call it Nirvana.

Distinct from other bottled water, Nirvana Spring Water is organically filtered and naturally delivered to the surface by two rare aquifers developed millions of years ago during the Ice Age. It flows from our exclusive springs at a crisp 42° with a taste so pure and smooth, it’s invigorating.

Nirvana is controlled, bottled, and delivered directly from the source so you can quench your thirst with the freshest spring water.

icon ice age aquifers

Ice Aged Aquifers

Our bottled water is sourced from our two Ice Aged Aquifers that properly filter Nirvana Spring Water as it flows to our springs.

icon springs

Natural Springs

Our gushing Adirondack springs are the reason why we can operate Nirvana Spring Water as a single source production. The entire process is completed right on site, from the springs to shipment, keeping the water bottles refreshing and of the highest quality.

icon pure

Pure Taste

Nirvana is naturally filtered into a healthy spring water with an excellent pH balance that results in a smooth invigorating taste to quench your thirst from the first sip.

icon 43

42° Crisp

From spring to bottle, Nirvana flows at 42° throughout the entire bottling process, keeping it the best quality bottled water to drink.

icon quality

Quality Assurance

Our spring water is tested daily for its consistency and excellent pH balance to ensure that it’s just as pure as we claim, so you can continue to quench your thirst with crisp natural spring water.

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100% Sustainable

We proudly operate Nirvana Spring Water as a sustainable single source process from our springs to crisp bottled water.

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