Drink Water To Prevent The Flu

Prevent the Flu

Autumn’s in the air! Walk through our 1,700 acres and by the Black River and you’ll see leaves of golden, tangerine, and cherry red hues. It’s getting a bit brisk, too, as we pull our jackets around us tighter to stave off the wind. Are you staying warm this season?

As the temperature sways from warm to cold and back again, make sure you're doing all you can to stay healthy and prevent the sniffles, including the flu. There are easy ways to do this, and one of the most effective (and simplest) is frequent hydration!

Hydration can keep your nose and throat moist to help loosen mucus, and will help boost your immune system to fight off viruses.

A bonus health tip: Drinking water regularly can get rid of bad breath, too.

Can you guess how our team hydrates to help our bodies function (and keep our breath fresh) as effectively as possible?

That’s right, by sticking with nature’s finest to quench our thirst: Nirvana Natural Spring Water.

It’s true natural spring water low in sodium, high in calcium, and delicious. It's naturally pure with no need for additives. Because to us, if we’re looking after our bodies, the quality of what we drink makes all the difference.


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Drink Water To Prevent The Flu