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Our Unique Geology

Our Unique

Our Aquifer Phenomena

Nirvana Natural Spring Water flows from an untouched pocket of paradise at the foothills of the Adirondacks. We own the land, springs, and high-quality control. We protect this extraordinary wilderness and keep it pristine because it provides us with something you cannot find anywhere else: not just water...nature’s purest spring water.

Through our magnificent Ice Aged aquifers, our water stays cool as it tries to get to the north-flowing Black River. Where it cannot get to the river, it hits limestone bedrock and naturally comes to the surface, forming springs.

Our aquifer phenomena are the reason Nirvana Natural Spring Water doesn’t need to go through any man-manipulated purification processes. Over time, our aquifers have mastered mother nature’s intention of properly and naturally filtering the healthiest water on the earth. Our aquifers replenish our springs consistently so that our water doesn’t need to be pulled from the source. Extraordinarily rare, our water flows freely to our springs.

We’ll be patient with other bottled water brands. A billion years here, a million years there, and they may get closer, but not quite close enough to the cool, smooth taste and purity of Nirvana Natural Spring Water, mother nature’s true replenisher.