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An Idea Springs

An Idea

A Best Kept Secret

There have always been stories softly floating along the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains of an untouched source of pristine, crisp spring water flowing out of the ground nearby. Those in the know of this best kept secret say it comes from a pocket of hidden wilderness, unbothered and nearly forgotten. They’re right.

It took Paul and Wade, two friends since the fifth grade, to discover just how rare this incredible natural resource is: two Ice Aged Aquifers billions of years young and feeding five natural springs with water that is pure, not purified.

Family men born and raised miles from the springs, Paul and Wade created a plan one evening on the back of napkin with the purpose to cherish and protect Nirvana’s source while providing its rare natural spring water to the world. To them, such purity has to be shared to enjoy.