World Water Day Everyday

World Water Day

World Water Day was celebrated this week across the globe and on online social feeds. This year’s theme? Nature for Water, bringing into focus the need to utilize and restore nature — rather than neglect or damage it — as part of the solution in dealing with water challenges across the world.

2.1 billion people do not have safe drinking water available to them at home. Environmental damage, whether natural or manmade, plays a significant part in this degrading, polluting, and drying up of water cycles and “drinkable” water supplies, which is why eco-friendly awareness and initiatives are being called for by United Nations Water.

Our team at Nirvana lives this initiative every day, respecting our 1,700 acres of protected property from which Nirvana Natural Spring Water flows. Every step of Nirvana happens solely on our property in an eco-friendly, conflict-free process uninterrupting of Mother Nature.

Because our two Iced Aged Aquifers provide a continuous supply of natural spring water, we are able to bottle Nirvana fresh from a select five springs and only tap a measured supply of it. The rest flows naturally into the north-flowing Black River. Also, because Nirvana is natural spring water from a single source, we are able to test its quality daily to ensure we are providing delicious and healthy bottled water to quench your thirst.

Just as 46,000 trees were planted on our property close to our springs, we continue to take steps to give back to this land and source rather than take away.

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World Water Day Everyday