Wishing it was 42° outside?

Nirvana 43

We’re taking full advantage of summer and we hope you are, too. We’re venturing outdoors, soaking in the sunshine, and staying cool and hydrated with chilled bottles of fresh Nirvana Spring Water.

Did you know Nirvana flows from our Adirondack springs at a naturally crisp 42°?

We don’t like to interfere with Mother Nature’s focus on our pocket of paradise—how she gives our two magnificent Ice Aged Aquifers the power to produce the best tasting water and deliver it fresh and cool to our springs. That’s why we bottle Nirvana directly on-site and make sure it flows throughout our entire bottling process at its naturally crisp 43° so that you can experience its fresh, invigorating taste as if you were sipping from the spring.

The summer heat and humidity can blaze away. We’ll be happily refreshed as we quench our thirst with Earth’s best tasting spring water!

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Wishing it was 42° outside?