What Makes Fresh Spring Water?

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When you’re at the store thinking about which bottle of water to reach for, do you check the label for the source? Is it purified, modified or tampered with in any way?

Or is it natural spring water? And if so, does the water bottle state the source?

Pick up any of our Nirvana water bottles — from our gallons to 10 oz. splits — and you’ll discover that every drop of Nirvana Natural Spring Water is bottled fresh at the source in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.

That source is its protected springs on privately-owned property. Nirvana flows up naturally to its springs from two gigantic Ice Aged Aquifers and is then bottled at its naturally crisp 42°.

No purification, modification or tampering with its pure and healthy quality, and its fresh taste.

Some may say water is water and not have a preference. And to each their own. But maybe you want to taste the difference between purified and pure. Maybe you want to taste fresh spring water from actual springs instead of a formula from a combination of various sources.

You may just find that Nirvana is what you were looking for all along.

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What Makes Fresh Spring Water?