The Delicious Difference of Spring Water vs. Purified Water

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Do you know the difference between spring water and purified water? Think they’re interchangeable? I’m here to burst your (water) bubble!

All water is not created equal—we know from experience.

Purified vs. Spring Water

Purified Water has been filtered to remove chemicals, like chlorine, and other contaminants including bacteria, algae, fungi, parasites, metals, and chemical pollutants. More often than not, it’s produced using groundwater or tap water.

Spring Water, on the other hand, comes from a natural underground aquifer and can be safe to drink without any treatment.

A Breakdown of the Benefits:

We all know about the benefits of drinking water in general—it prevents kidney damage, helps maintain your blood pressure, and lubricates your joints. Interestingly, though, different types of water have different benefits.

Spring Water, in particular:

  1. Delivers oxygen to the cells: Spring water has higher oxygen content and can bring more oxygen into your body.

  2. Helps with addiction: Spring water contains serotonin and melatonin, allowing your body to produce less on its own. Spring water helps restore the hormone balance and reduces the need for addictive substances.

  3. Networks your brain: Who doesn’t want to be a little smarter? The molecular arrangement of hydrogen oxide and the levitational quality in spring water will give you a higher level of intelligence.

  4. Nourishes your body: Throughout the life cycle of spring water, micronutrients, probiotics, and homeopathic solutions are created naturally and are healthy for your body.

  5. Tastes better: Although purified water may be more readily available, those who drink spring water feel it tastes better because of the natural minerals it contains.

So treat yourself by nourishing yourself with delicious natural spring water. We’ll cheers to that!

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The Delicious Difference of Spring Water vs. Purified Water