What's The Best Workout Fuel?

Fuel Your Workout

We’re well into September warmth and sunshine up here in the Adirondacks, taking advantage of every moment to go for a hike, climb a few peaks, and even paddle around the lakes.

As the air gets crisper and the leaves start to change, we’re staying right with it, enjoying the beautiful outdoors, being active, and invigorating ourselves with fresh natural spring water!

Here's a toast to the variety of ways we can look after our health, from outdoor workouts to early morning gym sessions, SoulCycle, yoga, and more!

Whichever your preference for staying active, keep in mind to hydrate, too, by choosing the best fuel for your body.

How do you choose?

As concoctions are formulated, purified, or shot with outside ingredients and processes meant for enhancement (and drinkability), it seems like a bit of an effort to try and match the naturally pure, healthy, and delicious taste of Nirvana Natural Spring Water — naturally flowing Ice Aged spring water low in sodium, high in calcium, and bromate-free!

Stay active and keep hydrating! We'll drink to that.

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What's The Best Workout Fuel?