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Spring Water Your System

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“How much water should I drink in a day?”

Common question. And I bet you’ve scrolled through an article on this before. But a quick refresh:

8 glasses of water.

At least that’s the popular opinion. For us, it’s 8+ bottles of Nirvana Premium Natural Spring Water.

We drink Nirvana for its delicious taste and natural purity. But what are the health benefits? How does hydration help your system?

  1. Water boosts your immunity.
    H2O helps your body make lymph, and lymph carries white blood cells and other good cells throughout your body.
  2. Hydration may ease those headaches.
    Because dehydration can cause them.
  3. Keeps skin looking fresh.
    Ok, maybe not a “health” benefit to some, but we’re going with it. Plenty of hydration can keep your skin naturally elastic and supple.

Close quarters in 2020 may have placed you inside or on the couch longer than you’ve wanted. With sunshine growing warmer and days getting longer, we’re itching to get outside, too. And as you get more active, in whichever creative ways, hydrate regularly to help fuel your body.

And why not do that with spring water that’s naturally pristine and pure, low in sodium, high in calcium, and bottled fresh and tasty? We’ll drink to that.

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Spring Water Your System