Recharge with Nirvana!


Winter’s here and we're feeling the brisk, refreshing weather at Nirvana. Our 1,700-acre property is a unique pocket of wilderness that receives on average 220 inches of fresh snow every year. As it falls through Arctic winds, it invigorates our Ice Aged Aquifers and their always flowing, replenishing supply of crisp, pure spring water.

This makes Nirvana's wilderness one of the best recharge areas in the Northeast!

Speaking of do you recharge?

Colder weather and the holiday season of parties and get-togethers may make the possibility of catching a cold or the flu seem more likely. So what can you do to stave off those concerns and invigorate your immune system?

For our team, we start the day by moving. Pleasant walks are called for on our gorgeous 1,700 acres of pristine property as we regularly trek to visit our hidden springs. Good to know such regular exercise benefits the immune system.

We cap off these morning workouts by uncapping a few bottles of the purest natural spring water to quench our thirst. Studies have shown that staying hydrated boosts a specific immune response that helps your body fight viruses. What better way to cleanse your body than by drinking bottled spring water that is naturally pure, not purified? It's often recommended to drink six to eight glasses (or bottles) a day.

Though winter is high cold and flu season, be sure to boost your immune system season-round. Remember to exercise and stay hydrated with crisp, pure Nirvana Natural Spring Water!

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Recharge with Nirvana!