Pure Spring Water or Artificial Water?


When you grab a bottle of water, do you truly know what you’re drinking? Do you realize that many of the bottled waters you drink are Artificial Water?

Check the label:

Is it pure or purified? If purified, how do they modify the water to make it “pure?” Do they explain?

Where does the water come from? Does the label even disclose where the water comes from? Is it a hodgepodge of locations? Are these locations even natural sources?

Now taste Nirvana bottled water.

It’s true spring water from a natural source. It gushes fresh and pure from our springs and is ready for bottling within 45 minutes.

Unlike other bottled water, it doesn’t have to be pulled from inconsistent or vague sources. It doesn’t have to be held in tanks and shipped for miles to be bottled. It doesn’t have to tap into municipal water supplies.

It doesn’t have to be engineered to be drinkable.

Nirvana naturally flows through our magnificent Ice Aged Aquifers and gushes from our pristine Adirondack springs clean and crisp with a rare, delicious taste.

Do you prefer artificial or the real pure thing?

Taste for yourself.

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Pure Spring Water or Artificial Water?