Our BPA-Free Water Bottles are Eco-Friendly

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When you twist open a bottle of Nirvana, you know exactly what you’re getting: crisp, pure water, bottled directly from our springs.

We like to keep our water fresh and healthy in every step of our single source and eco-friendly production. This means making our own clean water bottles here on site, using safe materials.

What makes our water bottles unique from all the rest? There’s much more (or less) to your Nirvana bottle than you ever realized.

Our water bottles are BPA-Free

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an industrial chemical used to make several plastics, including water bottles. Research has shown that BPA can seep from the bottle and into the beverage. BPA exposure can have possible health effects on the brain, behavior, and the prostate gland of children. It’s also suggested that BPA can cause increased blood pressure.

Good thing we don’t go near it. We at Nirvana ensure healthy hydration with our BPA-free water bottles.

We make them with minimal plastic

We keep the amount of plastic used for each bottle to a minimum because we want to stay friends with the environment, our Ice Aged Aquifers, and free-flowing springs. Even our custom bottle caps are made with minimal plastic resin.

Our unique bottle design uses just enough plastic to make your Nirvana bottle sturdy, balanced, and “crinkle-free” as you drink to the last drop.

We look after our bottles the same way we do for our pure spring water. Enjoy the crisp taste and safe, eco-friendly experience of Nirvana. Once refreshed, please recycle responsibly!

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Our BPA-Free Water Bottles are Eco-Friendly