New York’s Spring Water

New York Springs Water

Flowing deep underground at the foothills of the Adirondacks between the Great Lakes and Tug Hill Plateau, Nirvana Spring Water naturally arrives to its protected springs and is bottled fresh and pure at its crisp 42˚.

It’s New York water at its tastiest.

There’s no need to pull it forcibly from ground or store it in tanks to be manipulated and purified. Nirvana’s Ice Aged Aquifers do as Mother Nature intended, delivering a rare spring water that does not require a purification process to make it drinkable. Remarkably, Nirvana is naturally low sodium, high calcium, and bromide-free, making it not only a pure, but healthy bottled water to quench your thirst.

Where others may prospect regions and communities for the next source of water — whether truly natural spring water or not — to make available for the next consumer, Nirvana exclusively flows from five protected New York springs and is bottled in an eco-friendly, conflict-free process entirely on-site to respect and preserve the New York land from which it flows.

It's deliciously fresh spring water here in New York, rare to the world.

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New York’s Spring Water