Did you know 46,000 trees were planted by Nirvana’s springs?


To us, pristine spring water must come from pristine land. We make sure of it every day in our eco-friendly, single source process.

Just as Mother Nature gives us the purest spring water on Earth, it’s our priority to respect and protect this 1,700 acres at the foothills of the Adirondacks.

Where else in the world can you find two Ice Aged Aquifers 500 million and 1 billion years young that have mastered the way water should taste as Mother Nature intended?

Where else will you find the purest spring water flowing to its springs rather than being sucked from the ground?

There’s nowhere like it in the world.

There’s no need to skip from place to place and poke holes in the Earth or engineer drinkable water using methods and resources that would deplete the environment.

Nirvana roars underground and bubbles to its springs crisp and pure in an environment wild and strong. This time of year is especially exquisite as heavy snow falls through Arctic winds and invigorates our Aquifers and their always flowing, replenishing supply of crisp spring water.

We’re proud to take care of this private land to be sure that our spring water is sourced in the utmost naturally thriving environment. As we watch over these 46,000 trees, growing taller and fuller every day, we know Nirvana is contributing in its vitalizing way.

What’s your paradise? Is it a garden? A potted plant? A fresh bouquet?

Are they thirsty?

If you so happen to have a few swigs left in your bottle of Nirvana – your thirst being fully quenched – return the love and share the taste of superior hydration.

As we take care of this 1,700-acre paradise, make sure you are taking care of yours. Cheers!

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Did you know 46,000 trees were planted by Nirvana’s springs?