Naturally Enhanced Water

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It’s nothing new, but seems to have especially become prevalent in the last several years how a bevy of bottled water products are appearing on grocery shelves and convenience store racks with added elements to energize, alkalinize, cleanse, and purify the person drinking them.

All for your health and wellbeing, right?

Not so much.

In a recent article, multiple dieticians and specialist have agreed that such enhanced products really don’t make a difference in hydrating and fueling your body better.

If you stripped such products of these artificial supplements, would you find that the water itself is also artificial? Can you determine where it is sourced? And whether it’s just purified water?

Are these added supplements in there after all to help the water, too?

Then what’s the alternative to quench your thirst completely?

Nothing better than the real thing.

Nirvana is pure natural spring water from New York, bottled fresh and crisp from five pristine springs and two Ice Aged Aquifers naturally created by Mother Nature at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. It’s naturally low in sodium, high in calcium, and served in BPA-free water bottles made on-site.

No purification needed, enhanced by Mother Nature, straight from the source. #Cheers

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Naturally Enhanced Water