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Melting snow feeding our Ice Aged Aquifers

Nirvana March 2021 Blog Post Photo

There’s still plenty of winter happening at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, right on our 1,700 acres of protected wilderness — the source of Nirvana spring water.

What makes our spot so unique — not just in New York State, but in the world — is its position, surrounded by the Adirondack Mountains and in the path of the heavy snowfall of the Great Lakes and Tug Hill Plateau. The amount of snow that falls every year on Nirvana is remarkable.

As spring comes, the melting snow feeds our two ice aged aquifers. The water flows through them deep underground, hits impenetrable limestone bedrock, and flows up to our Adirondack springs.

Free-flowing spring water that doesn’t need to be pulled from the ground, but instead, bottled fresh at the source. Thank you, Mother Earth.

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Melting snow feeding our Ice Aged Aquifers