January snow feeding our ice age aquifers

Nirvana January 2021 Blog Post

Did you know Nirvana comes from two gigantic ice age aquifers beneath our 1,700 acres of Adirondack wilderness in New York State?

Lake effect snow from the Tug Hill Plateau has been feeding these aquifers for 1.5 billion years. As the water flows through these geological phenomena, it hits limestone bedrock and rises to the surface, forming natural springs.

Nirvana flows on its own and emerges from the springs naturally pure and healthy. To keep it that way, we carefully bottle it at its natural 42° and in a single-source process on site, untouched by human hands. There’s no need for man-made techniques to force it from the ground and no need for additives to enhance its already healthy quality.

That makes it truly natural spring water, and delicious in every sip.

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January snow feeding our ice age aquifers