Healthy Hydration to Beat the Cold (And Flu)


“Be sure to stay hydrated.”

You’ve likely heard it a thousand times from your parents, doctors, teachers, and coaches: drink plenty of water, perhaps the most natural remedy to keep you healthy and energized, especially if you’re fending off a cold or the flu.

For a natural remedy, make sure it’s the purest natural spring water. Slake your thirst and replenish yourself with a bottle of Nirvana.

Here are a handful of reasons why drinking Nirvana Natural Spring Water will help cleanse your body and keep you healthy.

  • Water provides oxygen to your blood and helps flush out harmful toxins from the body. The purer the water, the more effective the flushing.
  • 70% of the body is made up of water, much of which can be lost when you have a cold. This water must be replenished. Don’t dehydrate. Hydrate!
  • Staying hydrated helps your eyes, nose, and mouth remain moist, fighting off any contaminants that want to plant down and cause infection.
  • Keeping water in your system will help fight off stuffiness and congestion.
  • Dehydration can cause the body to feel weak and the mind to seem cloudy and less sharp.
  • Dehydration causes the mucous membrane to dry out, which makes it half as effective in its protection. Fortify yourself with every sip of Nirvana.

Don’t let unwanted sickness slow you down. Grab one of our travel size bottles, or chug from one of our liters. Stay hydrated with the pure, refreshing taste of Nirvana.

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Healthy Hydration to Beat the Cold (And Flu)