Happy Earth Day!


Enjoy our Eco-Friendly Spring Water!

Let's toast with Nirvana Spring Water to the global effort to protect and strengthen our world! We at Nirvana know we'll do our part in keeping this effort flowing while providing you with the crispest spring water.

Our unique location and Ice Aged Aquifers provide us with an endless flow of spring water unlike anywhere else on the planet. We appreciate and respect this rarity in every step of our eco-friendly, single source production.

For instance, although it’s an endless flow, we purposefully tap only a small amount of our spring water. Our springs fill to a natural level, and if we don’t bottle the water, it continues to flow into the Black River. Nature performs undisturbed.

Also, since we bottle our spring water fresh on-site, it doesn’t need to be stored in tanks and trucked or shipped elsewhere for bottling. This reduces our carbon footprint.

Sip from one of our water bottles and you may be surprised to discover that while it’s sturdy in your hand or on the table, we purposefully manufactured it on-site with a minimal amount of plastic resin. Even our signature bottle caps are specifically made with less plastic.

When we have such pure, smooth spring water flowing from our springs, to source and share it with you in our eco-friendly way makes it, to us, all the more refreshing.

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Happy Earth Day!