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Happy Earth Day 2021!

NIrvana April 2021 Blog Post 3

At the moment, April “snow”-showers blanket our 1,700 acres, feeding our ice aged aquifers, which are roaring with the best tasting water on Earth.

As it flows to our protected springs, it will be bottled on site and in sight in our eco-friendly, single-source process that uses less plastic (even in the bottle caps!).

Nirvana doesn’t need to be pulled from the ground and shipped to a separate location for bottling. Everything happens right here in the foothills of the Adirondacks where sustainability is our top priority.

This helps keep Nirvana fresh and delicious as if you were here sipping from its springs.

Happy Earth Day 2021! And cheers to Mother Nature for giving us our rare phenomena for the world to enjoy!

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Happy Earth Day 2021!