Get Moving, Stay Hydrated


It’s National Physical Fitness & Sports Month!

Young or old, big or small, short or tall - get moving. Regular physical exercise is good for your health, both in body and mind.

With sunny weather on its way, we encourage you to get creative in the ways you exercise. How about an outside run? Or maybe hike a mountain with some friends up in the Adirondacks. If throwing metal around in the gym is your thing, have at it. Why not try a spin class if you’ve never been? Or test your rhythm with a POUND workout - we’ve heard it’s the thing nowadays.

Whichever way you get fit, shaped, toned, or swole, quench your thirst with the good stuff: water.

Purified is fine, tap is okay.

But Earth’s crispest spring water? That’s a whole ’nother level of rejuvenation.

Break a sweat, set the pace, and keep going by slaking your thirst with Nirvana.

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Get Moving, Stay Hydrated