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Dogs Love Nirvana

July 2020 Blog Photo Tank cropped

We know many love the taste of Nirvana Premium Natural Spring Water, which is why we’re delighted every time pups indulge in it, too (and snap a photo!).

Take it from Tank and Bodie (and more), who can never seem to drink enough. Why do they find Nirvana so delicious?

Nirvana is Bottled Fresh

Nirvana is single-source spring water, which means every drop is bottled fresh directly on-site from our protected springs — and at its naturally chilled 42°.

Nirvana is Healthy Spring Water

Nirvana is naturally low in sodium and high in calcium. Because Mother Nature makes Nirvana so pure and healthy, there’s no need for additives, filtering, or “enhancing.”

Nirvana’s Delicious Taste

We're thanking Nirvana's two Ice Aged aquifers deep underneath the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. This unique geography and untouched wilderness make this spring water naturally pure in every sip.

Five protected springs gush delicious Nirvana Premium Natural Spring Water every day in a continuous supply. Cheers to everyone (and every pup) drinking their fill!

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Dogs Love Nirvana