Cool Down, Get Hotter

Nirvana Feb Blog

So by now you know how important drinking water is for optimum health. But, turns out, it’s pretty key for maximum attractiveness, too. Staying hydrated will make you hotter. Hey, it’s science.

Here’s the deal: Your skin has a moisture barrier—an outermost layer that helps retain water, maintain elasticity, and offer protection from environmental irritants. To keep your moisture barrier functioning properly, you need to stay properly hydrated. A damaged moisture barrier means dull, saggy skin.

A solid hydration regimen plumps your cells and gives your skin a smooth appearance, diminishing the look of cellulite and wrinkles. Plus, it can combat skin disorders from acne to psoriasis, and give you that just-flushed-out-the-toxins glow.

But it’s not just a youthful clear complexion you’ll get from upping your H2O. Drinking water does wonders for defrizzing your brittle hair and can even give it a glossy sheen. So drink up! At the end of the day, fueling your body well creates a healthy glow within. And that's the truly beautiful thing.

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Cool Down, Get Hotter