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No tricks, all treat in Nirvana Natural Spring Water

Nirvana Oct.2020 Blog Post Photo

Cheers to Halloween 2020! And if you’re looking for a bit of taste and healthiness to complement those bags of candy, how about water bottles of Nirvana Natural Spring Water?

There are no tricks, but all treat in every sip of this delicious drink. Because Nirvana doesn’t need any additives or methods to make it pure and tasty.

It’s naturally pure spring water, untouched by human hands and bottled fresh at its source.

As it flows underground through Ice Aged Aquifers at a crisp 43°, it hits limestone bedrock and flows up to its natural Adirondack springs.

And since bottling takes place on-site in an eco-friendly, single-source process, this tasty spring water stays fresh when you uncap it and enjoy.

And the bonus treat? Nirvana Natural Spring Water is low in sodium and high in calcium, so you know you’ll be washing down every chocolate bar and handful of candy corn with the good stuff — natural and healthy spring water.

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No tricks, all treat in Nirvana Natural Spring Water