A Message For World Water Day

world water day

Here at Nirvana, our springs are located on our property and are constantly gushing fresh, pure water. We bottled it here directly from the source at its naturally cool 42°, making it earth’s crispest bottled water to quench our thirst and keep you hydrated. We are privileged and thrilled to share this pristine gift of pure spring water with world and we certainly never take our resources for granted.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as lucky as we are. Today, March 22nd, is World Water Day. World Water Day recognizes and works toward fixing the water crisis that currently exists. *There are over 663 million people living without a safe water supply close to home. These people have to deal with the health impacts of using contaminated water. Fortunately, there are many ways you can help the cause, and help those in need.

Producing the world’s crispest water is a true luxury that we are proud to share with the world.

For more information on World Water Day, and to see how you can help take action, visit www.WorldWaterDay.org.

*According to www.WorldWaterDay.org.

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A Message For World Water Day