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46,000 trees planted on our 1,700 acres

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Nirvana is rare spring water because it comes from one source — two ice age aquifers and natural springs located on our 1,700 acres in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains.

It’s not collected from various, questionable sources and it doesn’t undergo a process to make it “drinkable.” Nirvana is bottled fresh from its springs at its natural 42° temperature so you can taste its natural purity.

We’re fortunate for the continuous supply the springs supply every day and are mindful of how we give back to protect this land. For example, did you know 46,000 trees were planted on Nirvana’s 1,700 acres?

It’s one step in the right direction as we continue this journey in sustainability to protect Nirvana’s source.

We’ll drink to that.

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46,000 trees planted on our 1,700 acres