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Stay cool this summer with chilled 42° Nirvana

Nirvana Blog Post Photo June 2021

Quench your thirst in the summer heat and fuel your 4th of July weekend with the best tasting water on Earth.

Did you know Nirvana is bottled fresh at its natural 42° temperature?

That's because every step of its bottling process happens on-site. As Nirvana flows through its two ice age aquifers and up to the springs, we bottle it fresh while it's still ice cold.

This keeps it delicious so you can taste the springs in every sip.

Toss a few more Nirvana water bottles into the cooler this summer to cool off and stay hydrated. Along with its deliciousness, it's naturally low in sodium and high in calcium, making it the healthiest drink to slake your thirst.

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Stay cool this summer with chilled 42° Nirvana