1,700 acres of pristine Adirondack wilderness

1700 acres

What do you do with 1,700 acres of pristine Adirondack wilderness — a hidden paradise under which Mother Nature has magnificently created two rare Ice Aged Aquifers flowing with crisp and pure Nirvana Natural Spring Water?

You protect it to protect the healthiness and delicious taste of Nirvana.

Our team is dedicated to an eco-friendly single source production wherein Nirvana is bottled exclusively from five of our springs and shipped from our on-site facility. We do this to ensure the freshness and taste of Nirvana so you can drink it as if you were sipping straight from the spring.

What makes Nirvana true spring water is that it doesn’t need to be pulled from the ground. It doesn’t need to be sourced from multiple locations over vast swaths of land. It doesn’t need to be taken from the supplies of surrounding communities and municipalities.

What we have is a little pocket of Adirondack paradise from which Earth’s purest, best tasting spring water flows.

Its Iced Aged Aquifers naturally purify Nirvana into a uniquely healthy consistency of low sodium and high calcium with an exceptionally low 60 TDS (total dissolved solids) — just how Mother Nature intends.

It’s conflict-free, it’s healthy, it’s purely refreshing. Click here to find Nirvana.

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1,700 acres of pristine Adirondack wilderness